About VSV

VSV was founded on December 1st 1946 by numerous fishing companies in the Westman Islands. The company operates fishing vessels and seafood product processing plants, and also takes care of the marketing and sales of the seafood products on both domestic and international markets. 

VSV has over 200 employees, working both in land and at sea, as well as a number of short-term employees. At the end of 2007 VSV had a total of 520 employees on the payroll, or a total of 13% of the Island’s 4000 inhabitants. VSV was founded over 60 years ago and is now more active and stronger than ever.  It operates 3 pelagic vessels, 3 trawlers and 2 gillnet boats. The company’s products include various seafood products from pelagic and groundfish species, as well as fish meal and fish oil.
VSV is the largest company in the Westman Islands and, therefore, one of the strongest pillars of the community.   The company is a fundamental part of the Westman Islands´ history, with its strong traditions and responsibility towards the environment. Respect for the fishing industry and its utilisation is the base of what makes VSV thrive and useful to the community.


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