Marhólmar ehf.



Frozen products. Masago (Capelin roe).
Salted and marinated products. Herring fillets,
pices, whole herring and cod roe.

 The main products are Masago, made from VSV´s high quality Capelin roe, high quality sugar-salted and marinated Cod roe paste and various top quality herring products for retailers and the HoReCa markets.

At Marhólmar we take pride in delivering high quality products under strict quality systems and efficient, constant product development. We offer our clients products for their own brands as well as through our own brand, Vestmans.

The Marhólmar operation is located in Westman Islands, only a few metres from the harbour where fishing vessels frequently bring fresh raw material for our production. The harbour is also a port of call for the main shipping liners where they load our products several times a week and transport to our valuable clients on both sides on the Atlantic.

The company was established in the Westmann Islands in 2012 and is 75% owned by VSV, with the remaining 25% of shares held by Halldór Thórarinsson and Hilmar Ásgeirsson. 


Contacts at Marhólmar:  Halldór Thórarinsson - halldor(hjá) ,  Hilmar Ásgeirsson-  hilmar(hjá) , Sales in Finland: Jussi Pekka Mӓntylӓ - jpm(hjá)




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  • Hafnargötu 2
  • 900 Vestmannaeyjar
  • Tel (+354) 488 8000
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