HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

The primary aim of HACCP is to ensure the security, quality and health benefits of foodstuffs. Internal monitoring is a crucial element of the system and company uses to produce and distribute foodstuffs. This means that all production processes are simplified in a systematic way to prevent incidents that could adversely affect quality, security and health benefits of foodstuffs, either during production of distribution.

With an active HACCP system in place, those points that are most important to production and distribution are pinpointed and the correct monitoring procedures are defined, as well as the required responses to deviations.

We can say that the internal monitoring programme is an extension of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) that every producer is responsible for adhering to. The system is based on measurement of a range of variables that can occur during production, such as temperatures and others. This collated data can subsequently be used in managing processes.

All companies engaged in producing or distributing foodstuffs are required to hold relevant licences and are required to maintain a programme of internal monitoring, as laid down by regulation 522/1994 pertaining to foodstuffs monitoring and health hazards in production and distribution of foodstuffs.

  • VSV holds the following certification for specific seafood products:


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