Iceland Responsible Fisheries (IRF)

VSV has been awarded IRF certification for its cod, haddock, saithe and redfish (Icelandic golden redfish)

Iceland’s statement on responsible fisheries was made in 2007, and signed by the Minister of Fisheries, the Director of the Marine Research Institute, the Director of Fisheries and the head of the Fisheries Association. This declaration was the response to demands from the market for responsibly sourced seafood and is designed to provide information to customers on how fisheries are managed in Iceland and how management is based on the best available science. As part of the statement, Iceland also undertook to to abide by international law and treaties it had signed regarding the exploitation of marine resources.

Fisheries management in Iceland is built on extensive research into fish populations and their environment, with decisions on fisheries and allowable catches based on scientific advice and exacting monitoring of fishing and overall catches. These are the  central pillars of the Icelandic system of fisheries management, aimed at ensuring responsible fishing and the preservation of marine stocks for the future.

A label for Icelandic seafood was taken into use in 2009. The reason for this was to be able to provide buyers and consumers with the information that Icelandic seafood originates from sustainable fisheries.

The IRF label can be used on Icelandic seafood products that are manufactured from catches taken in Icelandic waters, from stocks that are not linked to shared stocks, either quota or non-quota species. 

The IRF label can be used on the catches of Icelandic vessels from shared stocks that are partly within the Icelandic EEZ and which are subject to a recognised management regime.

The IRF label is used on products that travel all over the world, and buyers are responsible for ensuring that the rules regarding the use of reliable traceability systems.

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IRF certitication species, cod, haddock, saithe, redfish. See here


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