Recruitment and training

VSV’s management places a great deal of importance on new staff receiving a positive reception when they join the company, and that newcomers immediately receive an introductory package of information about the workplace, as well as theoretical guidance and practical training to enable them to do their jobs efficiently.

Each new recruit is assigned an experienced member of staff as a training partner for an initial period.

The partner is responsible for ensuring that the newcomer:

  • confirms having received information relating to general issues concerning staff, work, company structure, safety and quality matters.
  • has made him or herself familiar with the VSV company handbook.
  • has signed the health and safety declaration relating to people working with foodstuffs.
  • has signed the staff training register.
  • has signed a declaration to the effect that he or she does not use illegal substances and is prepared to undergo a confirmatory drug test if required..
  • has received practical guidance under the supervision of either the foreman or the partner staff member.
  • has watched a video setting out relevant health and safety requirements for the workplace.
  • has been given a guided tour of the company.


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