Mission statement

The primary role of Vinnslustöðin (VSV) is to catch fish and to produce and market seafood products. VSV has a long history behind it and has always had a reputation fopr reliability and first class products.

  • The company placed strong emphasis on listening to its customers and to endeavour to meet the requirements in the best possible way. This calls for competent, enthusiastic and well-trained staff who are prepared to take responsibility, show initiative and take an active part in the company’s development.
  • VSV strives to be an attractive and pleasant workplace where staff respect each other, giving everyone an opportunity to mature in his or her working life.
  • VSV’s policy is to be a strong and profitable seafood enterprise, concentrating on catching, production and sales of seafood.
  • VSV feels that it is of paramount importance that all communication with staff, shareholders, customers and others that the company’s representatives may come into contact with should be honest and respectful.
  • VSV strives to fulfil its responsibilities to its shareholders in terms of maintaining profitable activities and to its staff in terms of paying competitive salaries and providing job security. This enables the company to meet its social responsibilities.
  • Responsible fisheries and good management of marine resources are of primary importance to VSV.

Emphasis is placed on

  • staff having a full understanding of VSV’s role and the company’s quality standards.
  • maintaining care and responsible production methods and staff showing initiative in their work.
  • staff having access to decent facilities and competitive pay scales..
  • the working environment providing challenges as well as having a clear and effective structure.
  • the company being an attractive workplace where staff are prepared for challenges with structured and focused training.
  • competence being the criterion in choice of staff and for staff to be valued for their skills.
  • everyone being equal, regardless of gender, age, faith, political views, nationality or race.

We adjust to changing demands that we face in our work, as well as technical and professional development, and we are ready to prepare ourselves for new and different tasks.


We employ competent and conscientious individuals, men and women, who are ready to take on challenging roles in a constantly changing environment. We seek people with a variety of experiences and skills for each department within the company.

  • VSV advertises vacancies within the company when possible.
  • Staff selection is based on impartial and professional processes.
  • All employment is concluded formally.
  • Men and women enjoy the same terms and conditions for comparable roles.
  • We produce job descriptions and training schedules when applicable and modify these as roles change.


  • We ensure that women and men have access to employment-related education and training whenever possible and we recognise the need to anticipate increasingly varied and flexible roles.
  • We take the initiative in developing ongoing and refresher training.
  • We promulgate the skills gained through further training to other staff within the company through formal or informal routes. 

Job development

  • Emphasis is placed on providing equal opportunities for advancement to both women and men, to ensure that talents are used to the full, regardless of gender, age, faith, political views, nationality or race..
  • Staff have the option of a review with their line manager at least once a year.

New staff

  • New staff are quickly given the training needed to take on the challenges of their new roles and we focus on ensuring that each person recognises the extent of his or her role.
  • We provide new staff with basic guidance on the structure of departments within the company.
  • The personnel manager or foreman is responsible for meeting each new member of staff to provide him or her with a company handbook and to provide guidance on essential matters.


  • We see it as essential to provide information systematically to our staff through regular meetings, by using notice boards in the workplace and via email when this is appropriate.

The work/life balance

  • VSV endeavours to ensure that the working and private lives of staff are in the best possible balance. This can call for reciprocal flexibility based on close co-operation between staff and their managers.
  • It is important that staff look after their mental and physical well being. With this in mind, VSV supports various sporting activities.
  • The VSV staff association is an important platform and a key element in maintaining a cohesive and positive working atmosphere.
  • The VSV staff association supports staff in a variety of ways and encourages them to take part.


  • Staff are expected to carry out their duties through agreed working hours and to be punctual. It is the responsibility of management to ensure that these requirements are met and to take action if necessary.
  • Respect is required for other members of staff, as well as for the company’s safety and hygiene requirements.
  • Punctuality and honesty are key elements in the working environment, as are conscientiousness and responsibility.
  • It is important for managers to have respect for staff and to respect their views, while providing them with opportunities to influence the development of their workplace.

Health and safety

  • The company has a safety committee, in accordance with Law 46/1980 that refers to facilities, health and safety in workplaces. The safety committee’s role is to maintain an overview of safety and workplace environment issues, and to promote systematically improved workplace safety.
  • The committee has the capacity to advise the highest levels of management on policy development, tasks and guidance on facilities, hygiene procedures and safety issues.
  • Both staff and management have a common responsibility to ensure that safety requirements are met at all times.


  • The aim of VSV’s equality policy is to promote equal rights, equal conditions, and respect for both women and men within the company.

The workplace atmosphere, respect, leaving the company

  • We strive to promote a positive workplace atmosphere and to show our colleagues and others the respect they deserve, tolerance and a positive reception.
  • We expect staff to have a tidy appearance and to make full use of the relevant protective and safety clothing when needed.
  • Sexual harassment and bullying are not tolerated.
  • We hope to make the company a smoke-free environment and will do what we can to help those who wish to stop smoking.
  • We look after the company’s buildings, equipment and other property.
  • Staff members retire not later than the end of the month in which their 70th birthday falls. Due to the nature of the company’s operations, it may be that staff can be asked to stay on for longer, depending on the circumstances.
  • Those staff leaving on retirement have the option when possible to take part in a course for people leaving the job market.


  • The staff policy is reviewed annually and it is management’s responsibility to ensure that this review takes place.


  • Vinnslustöðin hf.
  • Hafnargötu 2
  • 900 Vestmannaeyjar
  • Tel (+354) 488 8000
  • Fax (+354) 488 8001
  • vsv@vsv.is