Capelin and roe

 Capelin - Mallotus villosus, male and female - Illustration: Jón Baldur Hlíðberg

 Capelin and roe

Frozen products. Whole and roe.

Capelin has been a central species since the 1960s. Prior to that capelin were used for bait or for animal feed in some regions, but interest in capelin grew after the disappearance of the herring in 1968. The bulk of capelin landings are used to produce fishmeal. Capelin are also wholefrozen and frozen capelin roe is also produced, both of which are important products for human consumption.

Icelandic capelin is one of four North Atlantic and Barents Sea capelin stocks.

Capelin is a pelagic species that ranges from Jan Mayen and the east coast of Greenland to search for feed and then seeks shallow waters for spawning, especially off southern Iceland. Capelin are believed to reach a maximum age of four years and spawn only once in their lifetimes. 

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