Cod - Gadus morhua morhua - Illustration: Jón Baldur Hlíðberg



Fresh products. Loins, fillets, tails and portions.

IQF products. Loins, fillets,tails and portions.

Other frozen products. Block and mince block.

Salted products. Splitted saltfish, face and migas.

There is no species of fish that has been as important as the cod that Icelanders have long relied on. Cod is still the fish that is crucially important to the Icelandic fishing industry and the country’s economy as a whole as it is exported fresh, salted or frozen.

Catches have varied considerably depending on conditions in the marine environment as well as on the extent of exploitation. At one time the cod stock was thought to be endangered due to over-exploitation and a system of fisheries management was put in place to limit fishing effort. Now the cod stock is growing again and the fisheries management system has made it possible to vertically integrate fishing, production and marketing activities to meet the demands of customers for the highest quality products throughout the year, and to make it possible for the fishing industry to meet the economic demands that the wider community makes of it.

The Westmann Islands are one of the main centres of fishing in Iceland and lie close to rich fishing grounds. The fish caught by Westmann Islands fishermen can find its way fresh within a day of being caught to shops and restaurants in Europe and within two days to North American outlets.






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