Langa  (Dryfish) is a fish drying company located in Westman Islands. Westman Islands are south of the cost of Iceland near some of the richest fishing grounds in the North-Atlantic Ocean. The company was founded 2006 and in 2011new owners joined the company and the company was completely renovated with new state of the art machinery and drying equipment.

Langa is now owned by 3 large fish processors Huginn, Godthaab í Nöf, Vinnslustöðin  í Vestmannaeyjum, along with the production manager Vikingur Smarason.

Langa produces dried fish product for the Nigerian market. The main products are fish heads, fish bones and whole fish cutlets. Langa offers a variety of dried fish products from white meat ground fish with low fat content, the species most commonly used are cod, saithe, haddock, ling and tusk .

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  • Vinnslustöðin hf.
  • Hafnargötu 2
  • 900 Vestmannaeyjar
  • Tel (+354) 488 8000
  • Fax (+354) 488 8001
  • vsv@vsv.is