Deep-sea redfish - Sebastes mentella


 Golden redfish - Sebastes marinus

Illustration: Jón Baldur Hlíðberg


Fresh products. Fillets bone in /skin on and skinless, hole fish. 

IQF products. Fillets bone in skin on and skinless bone in. Redfish is one of Iceland’s most important commercial fish species. VSV’s ships catch it the entire year. Redfish is sold fresh, frozen or filleted or frozen at sea, headed and gutted.

Redfish is one of Iceland’s most important commercial species, sold largely as fillets, and also as frozen, salted or smoked products. Redfish liver also produces a nutrient-rich oil.

There are many species of redfish, of which three are found in Icelandic waters; golden redfish, deep redfish and little redfish. Normally when redfish is mentioned, golden redfish are being referred to. Redfish produce live young, which is unusual. They are found all around Iceland, especially in deep waters off the west and north. One of the characteristics of redfish is its slow growth and it is not believed to reach maturity until it is 16-18 years old. Icelanders did not catch redfish in any amounts until the 1930, and later fished for redfish in Greenland and Newfoundland waters.


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