Saithe - Pollachius virens - Illustration: Jón Baldur Hlíðberg




Fresh products. Loins, fillets, tails and portions. 

IQF products. Loins, fillets,tails, and portions.

Other frozen products.   Block ,mince block  and interleaved.
Salted products. Splitted saltfish and migas.

Saithe is found in the sea all around Iceland, although mostly in the south and southwest. It is an important commercial fish for Icelanders. In many places, saithe is considered very good food, for example, in Germany and Scandinavia.

VSV’s ships fish for saithe during the entire year. It is sold fresh or frozen in Europe and salted in South America. 

Saithe, part of the cod family, is a pelagic fish that can in fact also be deemed a ground fish. It is the first of the cod family to spawn off Iceland, from the latter part of January through March, at a depth of 100-200 m, especially on the Selvogur and Eldey Banks. Saithe is a wide-ranging species. For example, saithe marked off Norway has been caught off Iceland and the Faroe Islands, and saithe marked off Iceland has been caught off Norway, the Faroe Islands, Scotland and in the North Sea.


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