VSV Seafood Iceland ehf.

Nafni sölufélags Vinnslustöðvarinnar hf. verið breytt úr About Fish ehf  í VSV Seafood Iceland ehf.

Nöfnum erlendra sölufélaga verður samhliða breytt úr About Fish í VSV.

Við breytinguna styrkist heitið VSV  í markaðsstarfi félagsins og tengist betur framleiðsluhluta þess.


The name of the sales company of Vinnslustöðin hf (VSV) has been changed from About Fish ehf to VSV Seafood Iceland ehf.

Besides this change, the names of Vinnstöðin’s sales companies in Portugal, Germany, Holland, France and Russsia will also be changed to VSV. 

This change should strengthen the name of VSV in the markets and connect the sales units better with the production part of the company.

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