VSV is made up of born fishermen and fisherwomen. Our people often have a long history in the company with years of expertise within seafood — the catching, the producing and, of course, the eating.

That’s why it makes sense that people who work for VSV, like a lot of other Icelanders, are fish enthusiasts. Even some of our management and board were once fishermen themselves!

Rather than keep the world’s greatest tasting fish for ourselves, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making sure the rest of the world gets to taste it too.

...and their favourite VSV dish.

Sigurgeir Brynjar Kristgeirsson, Managing Director
I recommend: Salted VSV cod, either the Icelandic way by boiling it or the Portuguese way grilled with garlic and olive oil.

Andrea Elín Atladóttir, Financial Director
I recommend: Fried VSV scampi with butter and garlic.

Sindri Viðarsson, Head of Pelagic Division
I recommend: Barbecued VSV scampi tails with some garlic, parsley and Icelandic butter.

Björn Matthíasson, Chief Operating Officer
I recommend: Either VSV cod in breadcrumbs or traditional Icelandic fish stew.

Lilja B Arngrímsdóttir, Legal Advice and Human Resources
I recommend: Deep fried VSV cod the way my mother does it or VSV scampi soup with my own recipe.

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