Vinnslustöðin's equal pay policy


This equal pay policy is intended to support the successful operation of the company. The equal pay policy covers Vinnslustöðin's employees and subsidiaries.



Vinnslustöðin's policy is that all employees enjoy equal pay and the same terms for the same or equivalent jobs, so that there is no unreasonable wage difference.


The aim of the equal pay policy is to ensure that women, men and people with neutral gender registration in the National Registry have equal opportunities at Vinnslustöðin, to prevent the gender pay gap and that Vinnslustöðin is a sought-after workplace in the minds of all sexes.



In order to follow Vinnslustöðin's equal pay policy, the company obliges to:


1. Implement, document and maintain an equal pay system in accordance with the requirements of the equal pay standard ÍST 85 and obtain certification in accordance with Act no. 150/2020 on equal status and equal rights for the sexes. Pay salaries that take into account the demands of the job on knowledge, skills and responsibilities.

2. Assess the scope and nature of work that affects salaries, such as experience, knowledge, skills, responsibilities, workload, manpower, collaboration skills, management and tasks.

3. Determine the salary in accordance with the above criteria for knowledge, skills and responsibilities in the job.

4. Perform an annual wage analysis.

5. Respond to unexplained wage differentials through continuous improvement and monitoring.

6. Perform internal audit and management reviews.

7. Comply with laws, rules and wage agreements in force at any given time and confirm annually by the Executive Board that they are being complied with.

8. Present annually the results of wage analyzes and equal pay policies for the company's employees. The policy shall also be accessible on the company's website.



The Executive Board of Vinnslustöðin is responsible for defining the company's strategy. The Head of the Human Resources Department is responsible for the implementation, reform and adherence to established standards, as well as ensuring that managers know the policy and meet all conditions.



The Executive Board of Vinnslustöðin hf. is responsible for this policy.


This equal pay policy was originally approved by the Executive Board of Vinnslustöðin on 22.10.2019. The equal pay policy shall be reviewed every three years.


This equal pay policy was revised on 08.10.2021 and approved by the Executive Board.



Privacy Policy

Vinnslustöðin hf.



Vinnslustöðin hf. places great emphasis on the protection and security of personal information in its operations. This privacy policy covers the processing of personal information for which Vinnslustöðin is responsible as the responsible party.


The privacy policy is reviewed regularly, such as due to changes in how Vinnslustöðin handles personal information, or due to changes in the regulations that apply to privacy at any given time. An updated privacy policy takes effect without notice with publication on the company's website.


This publication was approved and published on October 22, 2019.


Processing and purpose

Vinnslustöðin puts a lot of effort into the processing of personal information and that the processing is only in accordance with a clear and objective purpose. The company emphasizes that only personal information is registered that is relevant each time and not in excess of what is necessary.




The company collects personal information about employees, visitors to the company's website and premises, in connection with events and marketing, and about contacts of customers and suppliers.


The basis for the collection and processing of personal information is in some cases a contract or contract search. The purpose is usually to buy and / or sell services and goods.


In individual cases, Vinnslustöðin processes personal information on the basis of the consent of individuals, and this is mainly in connection with events and / or marketing activities.


The company maintains an electronic camera system in its premises in the Westman Islands and personal information is processed from the system on the basis of the company's interests in safeguarding its assets and the safety of employees and guests.


Retention period

The processing plant stores personal information for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose of processing, unless a longer storage period is required, for example in law. If there is a possibility that personal information will be needed later in order to fulfill a legal obligation or sue due to a legal claim, the company will keep that information in a secure form for as long as necessary.


Communication and security

Personal information may be shared with third parties (processors) in order to carry out certain tasks related to the company's operations and operations.


In such cases, the processing plant ensures, in accordance with the instructions in the processing agreement, that only access is provided to personal information that is necessary to complete a project or provide certain services, and that it is a responsible and secure processor.


In other respects, personal information is not disclosed to third parties, except with the consent or if such disclosure is in accordance with the provisions of agreements, laws or court rulings.


The company takes appropriate security measures to ensure the security of personal information. Security measures are taken regularly and improvements are constantly being made. Care is taken to update personal information as needed and it is not stored longer than necessary.


Management and access to personal information

Individuals who request information about the processing of personal information or want to exercise rights related to it, such as:


  • obtain a copy of your personal information;
  • request correction of information, provided that it is incomplete or inaccurate;
  • object to the processing of personal data and / or request that processing be restricted;
  • request that personal information be deleted in certain circumstances;
  • submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority regarding the company's processing. Further information about this process can be found on the Data Protection Authority's website:


The rights of individuals related to the processing of personal information may be subject to restrictions that may be derived from, among other things, laws and / or other interests. Inquiries regarding privacy at Vinnslustöðin are received via the e-mail address:


The processing station will always request formal confirmation of the identities of individuals who send inquiries related to the processing of personal information. Inquiries are answered as soon as possible and never later than within 30 days. The handling of errands is generally free of charge.



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