Capelin and roe - Mallotus villosus

We catch our capelin all along the shores of Iceland, but primarily just at the brink of Vestmannaeyjar from January to March. The VSV capelin spawns from February to March in southern and southwestern areas.

Icelandic capelin is one of four capelin stocks in the North Atlantic and Barent Sea. It’s a pelagic fish but retreats to shallower waters for spawning, particularly off the coasts of south and west Iceland. Capelin roe is filled with omega-3 acids, protein and vitamins B and D.

VSV is a pioneer of capelin roe production in Iceland and was the first company to process and freeze capelin roe, back in 1972.

Our location is the closest there is to catching capelin in Iceland. When capelin are around the island, they are in their optimal state due to their level of fat and roe, which is when we catch them. And because we are fishing so close to Vestmannaeyjar, we can catch and deliver capelin of extreme freshness and rare quality.

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