Ensuring quality from catch to market.

In Portugal, Gafanha da Nazaré to be exact, you'll find Grupeixe. The local fishing company is famous for its production of dried salted cod, a process that requires the right amount of time, size and equipment to offer their clients a cod of excellence. 

Grupeixe is the only company in Portugal fully owned by a fishing company (VSV) and is therefore the producer which holds the largest quantity of Icelandic cod in Portugal, and the only one with the capacity to implement improvements in all stages of the fishing and production process, to guarantee traceability and quality like no one else.

This is also why Grupeixe is a supplier to both local restaurants, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and the biggest supermarket chain in Portugal, Pingo Doce.

Visit Grupeixe here 


Salted codfish, Bacalhau in Portugal, is the most popular base ingredient in Portuguese cooking. Because of their love affair with salted cod, the Portuguese supposedly have over 1000 different ways of using it – three for each day of the year. The large quantities consumed every year in Portugal (reportedly, 5.000 tonnes during Christmas alone!) means that the Portuguese know good quality cod when they see it


Since Cod is not to be found at the coastlines of Portugal, the highest quality fish are caught by VSV at the shores of Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland. The cod is brought to Portugal and processed using modern equipment and techniques while maintaining respect for the centuries-old process of traditional drying at Grupeixe.

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