Mackerel - Scomber scombrus

Mackerel can be found in both Atlantic and Pacific oceans, mostly living along the coast or offshore. It spawns in the period May to July, and after spawning migrates in shoals to Iceland, looking for food, and is generally caught in late summer and early autumn (June to September).             

Mackerel belongs to the Scombridae family which includes more than 30 different species of fish (such as tuna and bonito). It is said to help against cardiovascular disease, age-related vision loss and dementia, while being a good source of vitamin D, protein, B vitamins and selenium.

VSV has a long history of expertise in catching mackerel — in fact, fishermen from Vestmannaeyjar were among the first Icelanders to fish and process mackerel. We therefore have the most extensive experience in Iceland of mackerel production.

The blast freezing method used by VSV is suitable for further processing because there is no pressure on the fish, making it easier to fillet. Mackerel is great for production as canned, and either marinated or smoked.

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