Every single fish we catch, process and deliver at VSV is of the highest Icelandic quality, caught in the pure waters of the North Atlantic. As our location on the island of Vestmannaeyjar is one of the windiest in the world, our fish are as wild as can be — so you’re guaranteed to taste the wild in every bite.

Our fishermen know our fish so well that they ensure they’re caught when they have the best possible oil content – relative to when they feed and spawn – so that when they reach your customer’s plate, they’re as delicious as ever.

We use sustainable fishing methods to ensure high-quality and responsible products. Due to our unique location so close to the waters, we’re able to fish for shorter periods of time, therefore using less fuel, while also ensuring fresher fish. It’s a win, win.

Once you’ve tried our fish, you’ll know what we’re talking about. The kind of quality that can only be found in the purest waters of one of the wildest and most beautiful parts of the world — it’s incomparable. And that’s something we call The Taste of Iceland.

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