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Our Products

Every single fish we catch, process and deliver at VSV is of the highest Icelandic quality, caught in the pure waters of the North Atlantic.



The VSV groundfish are caught year round in close proximity to the Vestmannaeyjar island. The short trips allow VSV to deliver the freshest groundfish from pure Icelandic waters. The four species most commonly processed are cod, redfish, saithe and haddock.

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Pelagic Fish

VSV seasonally catches and processes quality pelagic species from the coasts of Iceland, close to the shores of Vestmannaeyjar. The most common pelagic fish produced by VSV are capelin and capelin roe, mackerel and herring.

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About us

We are VSV — a proud fishery located on a small island off the coast of Iceland that goes by the name of Vestmannaeyjar.

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Who are we?

We’ve been catching, processing and delivering Iceland’s wildest fish since 1946 and we’ve loved every single moment of it.

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It’s pretty obvious that we love fish. And for that reason, we’d hate to see them or their home disappear. That’s why all our fishing is done responsibly.

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We live and breathe for what we do. A mixture of our people, our facilities and our vessels make up the taste of dedication so prominent in our fish. And that dedication is something you can taste in every bite.

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At VSV, we take pride in delivering not just the wild taste of Iceland but also our dedication, responsibility, and trust in every bite. Join us and embark on a rewarding career at the heart of Vestmannaeyjar's seafood legacy. Your journey with VSV could begin here.

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