Saithe (also known as pollock) - Pollachius virens

Saithe is found in the sea all around Iceland, although mostly in the south and south-west. VSV fishes for saithe over the entire year.

Saithe, part of the cod family, is a groundfish that can in fact also be called a pelagic fish.

Saithe is an excellent source of protein, vitamin B12, selenium, and contains a balanced ratio of potassium and sodium. It is sold fresh or frozen to Europe and salted to South America.

VSV is one of few Icelandic companies that focuses on saithe. We therefore consider ourselves experts when it comes to the catching and processing of saithe. As it often migrates, we have developed specialised expertise in detecting its fishing grounds, so that we don’t fish unnecessarily and disturb the aquatic ecosystem.

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