Herring - Clupea harengus

VSV catches herring along the east coast of Iceland in the autumn (August to October) and close to the Vestmannaeyjar in November and December to ensure the best quality and texture of the fish. VSV produces two separate herring stocks found on Icelandic fishing grounds: summer-spawning herring, which spawns off Iceland in July, and Icelandic-Norwegian spring-spawning herring, which spawns off the west coast of Norway in the period February to April.

Herring is a forage fish that often moves in large schools around fishing banks close to the coast. It is often eaten raw, fermented or smoked. There are many nutrients found in herring, like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and selenium which can help in fighting and preventing heart disease.

VSV controls the whole value chain of herring production and we therefore have a lot of know-how in processing herring for the market. Herring is typically further processed into marinated products, however smoked herring is also very popular.

VSV sells processed herring directly to the market through our consumer brand, Vestmans, in Finland, as well as to the rest of the world. In order to successfully provide herring to the Finnish market, high-quality raw materials are needed — which VSV has plenty of.

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