A new way to serve fish.

Wild Nordic Fish (WNF) is an Icelandic start-up initiated by VSV in partnership with local chefs from the Vestmannaeyjar islands. Together, they developed a Natural Cooling Formula, a unique way of handling and cooling fish to create a premium frozen fish product.

Wild Nordic Fish offers a new way for medium to high-end restaurants to get ready-to-cook fish with premium taste, no artificial additives and a reduction in food waste. 


Wild Nordic Fish is born out of a wish to increase the quality of fish in restaurants all over the world. As freshness is crucial but waste an issue, work began to find a way to deliver Icelandic wild fish, frozen, without losing the premium taste and texture.

Once the wild fish have been caught at the shores of Vestmannaeyjar, the fish is frozen using a unique Natural Cooling Formula where texture and taste is maintained without any deterioration or shrinking. The products are all ready-to-cook, ensuring minimum preparation time for chefs, while keeping the premium quality of the “catch of the day”. 

The fish are caught in the most responsible and sustainable way in Iceland, certified by both MSC and IRF, while the longer shelf-life of frozen fish means less waste in the restaurants.

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