The pure taste of cod liver.

Established in 2016 and located in Vestmannaeyjar, Idunn Seafoods specializes in the production of first-rate cod-liver products made from fresh cod landed at Heimaey harbour. Idunn rinses, cuts, and smokes the fresh cod liver over beechwood, which extracts the oil from the liver in its purest form. This process ensures a product that is natural, with no added preservatives or flavours. 

Due to Idunn’s location in Vestmannaeyjar, in the middle of the North Atlantic and just up the street from VSV headquarters, the freshness of Cod liver delivered for production is second to none. A VSV vessel can land its cod liver catch and have it delivered to Idunn’s facility within 5 minutes for production. With these combined factors, the consumer can always expect quality produce, straight from the source.

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In large parts of Asia, as well as Southern- and Eastern Europe, there is a long history of using cod liver in local traditional delicacies. In these markets it is well-known that cod liver has many health benefits due to its high levels of vitamin A and Omega-3 fatty acids and even vitamin D. In these markets, cod liver is somewhat regarded as the Foie Gras of the ocean and is even used in similar dishes and in the same ways – with the main difference being the additional welfare and the health benefits of the cod.

Idunn Seafood’s know-how of these local markets, coupled with a strong quality catch from VSV, is crucial to ensure that cod liver will continue to be used as a delicacy, and hopefully more people will start to enjoy a healthier version of Foie Gras, in the future.

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