The largest re-processor of capelin in Japan.

Okada Suisan is the largest re-processor of capelin (male and female) in Japan, and consequently, in the world. With its headquarters in Yamaguchi, five processing plants around the country and one in China, the company produces not only capelin, but also mackerel from Iceland.

The partnership between VSV and Okada Suisan is unique as it ensures consistency and quality from catch to local processing in Japan and safe and speedy delivery to consumer outlets.

Okada Suisan has a long legacy of processing local fish from Japan, as well as fish from all over the world. The fish are most commonly sold as dried, grilled or boiled to local wholesalers all around the country.

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Large quantities needed, high quality demanded

Capelin, Shishamo in Japanese, is a delicacy often enjoyed grilled or fried whole together with its flavourful roe. The Japanese enjoy this fish as a snack or light meal, and capelin can therefore be found in most super markets and convenience stores around the country.

Japan is one of the countries in the world with the biggest consumption of fish & seafood per capita. Each Japanese consume approximately 23 kilos of fish per year, only accepting the highest quality and freshness. The long history of catching and eating fish, coupled with the large amounts of fish consumed, requires a steady supply of quality fish. When Japan’s own catch of capelin started to decline in the 1960’s, Iceland became the first country to supply fresh and frozen capelin to the country. 

The partnership between Okada Suisan and VSV builds on the now more than 50-year-old tradition of Icelandic capelin being sold in Japan. The Japanese market knows the quality of wild Icelandic fish and, today, Okada Suisan can ensure a traceable, sustainable catch from the wild shores of Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

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