Fresh raw material from Iceland makes prime dried fish

Located in Vestmannaeyjar, next door to VSV, Langa ehf is a specialized producer of high-quality dried fish products. All products are dried in indoor chambers or the company´s belt dryer, using the most advanced technology available today, where heat and humidity are constantly monitored to ensure the highest possible quality.

Langa is constantly looking for new markets for dryfish produce, this includes whole dried fish and salted dried. The company is also actively researching marine bioingredients production for high quality protein produce from fish by-products.

Langa ehf follows strict quality control policies and works closely with local markets and buyers to maintain the strong reputation for reliability and quality of the products. Today, Langa ehf primarily produces for the Nigerian market, the largest market for dried fish products in the world. 

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The high nutritional value and powerful taste has made dry fish an important ingredient in basically all native Nigerian soups. The drying concentrates the fish flavor, requiring very little seasoning. This is one of the reasons why Nigeria today is one of the largest importers of stockfish (fresh dried, not salted) in the world. 


The freshness of the fish is crucial in order to avoid molding of dry fish, which is why Nigeria has been looking to Iceland and Langa ehf for a reliable supply of quality fish. The fish are caught at the shores of Vestmannaeyjar and the by-products processed by VSV are instantly delivered next door to Langa, where the drying process is initiated, ensuring the highest levels of quality and freshness. 

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