Haddock - Melanogrammus aeglefinus

Haddock is found all around Iceland and spawns around April to May. VSV fishes for haddock from early in the year until autumn.

Haddock is a shallow-sea groundfish that keeps mostly to clay and sandy bottoms. It contains high amounts of protein and low amounts of fat while being loaded with omega-3 acids.

Haddock holds its place as Iceland’s favourite fish to eat. VSV’s haddock is gutted and sold whole and fresh in markets in Europe and is also processed or sold to fish processors in Iceland. Our haddock is caught throughout the year, but mostly from early in the year until autumn, where the fish is caught close to Vestmannaeyjar. This ensures freshness and quality is kept as high as possible — the VSV haddock is therefore a high-quality raw material.

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