Quality in every cut.

Founded to focus on the production of Haddock, Hólmasker has decades of knowledge on the requirements and needs of the US market. With a location that is very close in proximity to Keflavik Airport, and possessing the scope and equipment, Hólmasker can instantly respond to the wishes of the market, each time, according to its demands. Hólmasker’s costumers mainly distribute their products to catering and restaurants on the US east coast.

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The company hand-filets all its Haddock and thus returns it from the knife straight to packaging. Therefore, the strain on filets throughout the production process is minimized and the end-product is of higher quality. This way of processing also reduces the CO2 footprint, and the consumer buys hand filleted fish with minimum CO2 footprint.


A collaboration with VSV is an opportunity for both companies. Now all Haddock that VSV catches is cut and fileted in Iceland. The cooperation also ensures that Hólmasker can offer continuous production and supply of produce from the company, which will also become more consistent and reliable. Partnering with VSV was also one of Hólmasker’s key conditions for ongoing operations, both due to their reliability as a source, and as a trusted partner.

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