We are VSV — a proud fishery located on a small island off the coast of Iceland that goes by the name of Vestmannaeyjar. We’ve been catching, processing and delivering Iceland’s wildest fish since 1946 and we’ve loved every single moment of it.

Our company is made up of approximately 300 dedicated individuals, comprising of management, administration, fishing and processing, all with one common goal: to provide the rest of the world with Iceland’s greatest tasting fish.

Our location on Vestmannaeyjar is amongst the windiest places on Earth, but a bit of wind never fazed our fishermen. They know that these rough waters are the best place in the world to catch the highest-quality Icelandic fish from the purest of waters.

As our island is so close to our fishing grounds, we can catch, process and deliver the highest quality seafood on the planet, while ensuring that it’s as fresh as can be. And because we control the whole process, from catch to delivery, we can ensure sustainable and traceable fishing, as well as consistent cooling and reliable delivery, with every single fish.

Here at VSV, we believe that you cannot only taste the wild, but our dedication, responsibility and trust — whether it’s our flaky cod, classic haddock or delicious scampi — in every single bite. Something we call the Pure Taste of Iceland.


VSV operates according to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. HACCP is a management system that ensures the security, quality and health benefits of food products. VSV uses internal monitoring when producing and distributing products. This means all production processes are simplified to prevent anything that could affect the quality, security and health benefits of the fish, either during production or distribution.

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