A producer of premium roe products.

Marhólmar is one of the leading producers of premium Masago in the world. Within the company, there is over 30 years of experience in producing Masago from the highest quality capelin roe caught in Iceland.

The founders of Marhólmar, Hilmar & Halldor, were among the first to produce Masago outside of Japan. They have taken this experience and created a processing facility capable of producing tailor made recipes and products for each of their clients. Today, they primarily process capelin roe for the US, EU and the Asian market, but also cod roe for customers in UK, France and Germany.

Marhólmar are unique in their way and approach to roe processing. Not only do they ensure the highest quality of sourcing from VSV, but also partner with their customers to develop processes, products and recipes that meet the needs of the local customers. The only thing they can’t and won’t change, is the premium quality of their product.


Masago, a delicacy, is a key ingredient in Sushi. And because Sushi is a complex and varied dish, Marhólmar’s clients have different needs. Therefore, Marhólmar tailor makes their recipes for all their customers to meet those needs, and the customers only get one type of quality, which is top quality. Marhólmar’s guarantee of quality comes from their background and know-how, their understanding of their clients, and of course, by carefully picking the highest quality Capelin roe.


Marhólmar’s production, VSV pelagic vessel landing, and VSV headquarters are all located within 200 meters of each other. Being so close to the source means that Marhólmar’s production and produce are unrivalled when it comes to quality and freshness.

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